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Centaure – 2x Colt 1860 Army – Black Powder .44 Percussion – Collection

6,000.00$ CAD +TX.

Directly from the private collection of the founder of Centennial Arms, Gunsmith Canada is proud to present two of the finest super luxe versions of the Centaure Belgian Colt 1860 Army revolvers.

The horses on the revolver’s cylinder seem to gallop when it is spun! In their padded case, the revolvers are spectacular with their gold inlays, ivory elephant tusk grip and detailed engravings.

Each revolver comes with an original black powder flask engraved with the Colt’s patent, a bullet mold, a nipple tool and the case’s key box.

These two extraordinary pieces are a unique addition to the collection of any enthusiast!


Pistol Coffee Mug_Gunsmith Canada

19.99$ 14.99$ CAD +TX.

Gunsmith Canada coffee mugs with pistol handles!!!

Gunsmith Canada coffee mugs with pistol handles!

Order yours today!

**Offer valid while stock lasts**

Custom Shop!

899.99$ CAD +TX.


For only 777.00$, obtain the Beretta 92S Pistol bundled with:
Nanuk 910 case filled with standard foam with the Gunsmith Canada logo
– Pistol customization with your choice of two color Cerakote from our in-house gunsmithing shop!

Order yours today!

**Offer valid while stock lasts*