The gunsmith in charge, Mr. Faouzi Younes is the owner and founder of Gunsmith Canada Inc. the only Canadian traditional craft school that offers the gunsmith program in its Laval location.

Faouzi Younes has developed a passion for hunting and firearms from a very young age. In 2010 he had the opportunity to graduate from the only Canadian gunsmith school. His perseverance, passion, and experience enabled him to pursue a career as the manager and teacher in charge of the gunsmith program of Maniwaki Gunsmith School before the program closed.

Over the years, Mr. Faouzi Younes has accumulated over 20 years of experience as a hunter, over 5 years of experience as a professional gunsmith and over 10 years of experience in sales and managements.

Faouzi Younes founded GUNSMITH CANADA INC. to enable a next generation of gunsmith to take care of firearms enthusiasts and continue this traditional trade in Canada.